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Links - World

International Greyhound Rescue links

Jump to general dog interest web sites

Mamouth Dog Beds  

img/flgspain.gif (947 bytes) Sociedad Protectora de Animales y Medio Ambiente Safor Xtreme Pet Products
Maritime Greyhound Adoption Program European Greyhound Network Italy
img/flgspain.gif (947 bytes) Noah's Arc Murcia img/flgport.jpg Bianca Associacao Portugal
Breed Rescue Directory  FastDog Designs 
Kerry Greyhound Homefinders (Kerry in Ireland, Cromer and Norwich in Norfolk) PAWS (Co Tipperary, Ireland)
Petfinder Texel (pet locator scheme) Chinook Winds
Planet Greyhound  Free Information on Pugs and Pug Dogs
img/flgspain.gif (947 bytes) DEFENSA DEL'S ANIMALS D'OSONA at Vic img/flgspain.gif (947 bytes) Asociación Cacereña para la defensa de los animales ACDA, Caceres
flgspain.gif (947 bytes) EVOLUCIÓN, Asociación por la Defensa y los Derechos de los Animales flgspain.gif (947 bytes) Animals for People, Mallorca
img/flgspain.gif (947 bytes) Amigos de los Galgos, Las Nieves img/flgspain.gif (947 bytes) PODENCO AID FOUNDAITON
flgspain.gif (947 bytes) Podenco-Association e.V. flgspain.gif (947 bytes)
img/flgspain.gif (947 bytes) flgspain.gif (947 bytes) Asociación Nacional Amigos de los Animales, ANAA Madrid
flgspain.gif (947 bytes) Sociedad Protectora de Animales y Plantas de Alcalá de Henares SPAP, Alcala Madrid flgspain.gif (947 bytes)
flgspain.gif (947 bytes) Asociación para el Bienestar de los Animales, Segovia flgspain.gif (947 bytes) Spanish Dogs (beautiful photographic site)
Dog Rescue Ireland   Pet Arthritis Resource Centre
 GreytHounds of Eastern Michigan Greyhound Adoption Centre (Italy)
GIN Germany Lévriers En Détresse
flgspain.gif (947 bytes) Pro-Galgo img/flgspain.gif (947 bytes) The BrightEyes Society (Andalusia)
recommended site - check this out
Galgos in Not The Canine Medicine Chest
  Greyhound Gang ISPCA
  Norfolks & Greyhounds

Northern California Greyhound Adoption Program (NCGAP)
sos-animal flgspain.gif (947 bytes) SOS Galgos
Hundehilfe Mallorca e.V.
Wings for Greyhounds
Personalized Greyhounds Inc
 St Greyhounds Rescue Holland
new contact point for Holland e-mail
or telephone 00 31 162 314396
 New Graceland
EBay online auctions for GIN. More info
GreysLand Greyhound Adoption, Inc.
Greyhound Friends (Ma)

A Breed Apart

The Needlenose Web Page

Adopt-a-Greyhound of Central Canada, Inc.

Kids For Greyhounds

Why ban Greyhound racing? (GPL)

The Greyhound Protection League

Selected Dog Breeds: The Hound Group from Professor Hunt's Dog Page

National Greyhound Adoption Program (NGAP)

Save The Greyhound Dogs

Under the Feast Hall Table

We Adopt Greyhounds

Adopt a Greyhound

Southeastern Greyhound Adoption

Francis's DogHouse's Rescue Area

Pro Dog Fetch! (general dog interest)

Greyhound Friends (North Carolina)


GreyHeart Greyhound Rescue and Adoption of Michigan
 Galgos Ethics Europe
General Dog Interest
 img/flgspain.gif (947 bytes) 112CarlotaGalgos Charlotte helps Galgos in Spain.
NetKin a Living Community (bereavement resource)
Welkom bij Galgo Love
Dogs looking for a home


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