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About - Where do our dogs come from?

Where do our dogs come from?

Small all-breed rescue groups who feel they cannot find suitable homes. Dog pounds, dog rescue kennels, some following bereavement or changed domestic circumstances.

Demand always exceeds the spaces available. We would dearly love to help everyone, but this is impossible, so we assist when we can by giving advice on advertising and rehoming.

We get all ages, from puppies to 10 year olds. Some bear emotional scars from their ordeal and need a very special home. Happily, greyhounds are very resilient (they need to be) and will still come through wagging their tails when found in the most deplorable condition. It is a very humbling experience to think that they will trust humans and give us another chance to make amends.

Greyhounds by Benjamin Cam Norton (FL1862-90)

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