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Links - UK

Links to Groups and Sites in the UK

Animal and Pet Portraits
Animals in Distress
BVA: Animal Welfare Foundation
Career's with Animals
Clymping Animal Sanctuary (West Sussex) (dating site)
Doorstep Paws
Equine Market Watch, Sanctuaries UK
Fast Dogs UK
Fiona's Fast Dogs
Free Greyhound (Greyhound Artwork)
Greyhound Action
Greyhound Muses (poetry)
Greyhound Walks
Homes for Hounds (sponsorship scheme)
International Greyhound Club
Italian Greyhound Rescue Charity
Lurcher Search
Jo March - Greyhound Art
Kama's Cave
Lost Dogs
Dogs Trust 
PastelPals (portraits)
Pat & Julie Rhodes (portraits)
People and Dogs Society (PADS)
Pets and Portraits (pet portraits etc)
PetSearch UK
Pets On Top
Pets Pantry
Retired Hound blog
Save A Pet
Sheila Harper - kind behavioural training
Stables Grooming (Cheshire)
Surrey Pet Supplies
Valu-Direct Pet Supplies

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