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Links - Local Groups Intro

About UK local groups

For Prospective Adoptive Familes

Most groups follow a fairly standard adoption procedure and although they make independent decisions about the dogs that they take, they often liase quite closely with other colleagues. Some have the capacity to use particular kennels to care for the dogs waiting for homes, and some function purely because generous supporters will foster dogs. All groups have the problem of being asked to take more dogs than they can accommodate, but will help, where possible, with advice about advertising and home checking.

These group contacts do not keep greyhounds for adoption at home. But appointments can be made to view dogs, wherever they are being housed, at any reasonable time.

Note: Inclusion of a Greyhound Rescue group in the following list does not indicate our endorsement. You must evaluate any group that you deal with for yourself. A responsible group will carry out home checks, or seek veterinary references for prospective owners.  A record of veterinary care to date, advice about the 'pros and cons' of ownership, and a contact number for a representative of the group should be available.  You should be able to seek post adoption support, and be confident that the group's policy enables you to return the dog should insurmountable problems arise.  Expect to sign an adoption form and to make a donation to the group funds to help with costs.

For Rescue/Rehoming Groups

We are a collection of unpaid individuals trying to save Greyhounds by donating a free Internet presence to ANY non-profit making organisation or charity for Greyhound rescue in the UK. Send an E-mail to (To contact us, launch your own e-mail and type in: . Sorry, but this saves me from 100's of offensive e-mails per day.) if you would like us to build, maintain, and host your free UK based Greyhound rescue site here.

No matter how small or large your UK greyhound rescue group or charity is, we will be pleased to provide you with a free prescence on this site.


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