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Caring - Injuries


Your greyhound may have been taken off the track for many reasons. Apart from 'losing' consistently, the most common reason is through injury.

The centrifugal forces on the sharp bends of the track put enormous strain on the dogs' wrist joints and on the toes. Damage can also be caused by collisions with other dogs, or even with the fence if the dog has been knocked off the track.

Old injuries will not always be obvious and so there is the potential for arthritis in later life. But we are prone to arthritis too, so let us assume that you will have grown so attached to your dog by the time that if it happens you will seek the best advice available to ensure his comfort.

Greyhound Rescue (Gloucestershire South) supplies special collars which are claimed by many owners to relieve a degree of arthritic pain. For details, contact Margaret on

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