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Caring - Exercise


Greyhounds are sprinting dogs, so do not need to walk for miles every day. It is no hardship to him to be exercised on a lead, it is what a racing dog has been used to. But he does need to 'let off steam' and have a sprint. Depending on your dog's history, he may never be safe to run free, whereas others may be safe to be let off the lead after a few weeks. .

When you do, be sure that it is in an area that he is familiar with and be certain that there is nothing in view that he may be interested to go and investigate. The speed at which he will run will truely alarm you initially and as he runs away from you, you will have the feeling that you may never see him again! Unless something is in the distance for him to chase, you will find that he will circuit and return to you - usually looking very pleased with himself and seeking your approval. You will be so relieved that he has turned round - that you will give it wholeheartedly!!!

Until you are sure that he is safe with other small animals, it is only sensible to use a muzzle - your adopting group will advise on the purchase or loan of a suitable one.

Never forget that farmers have the right to shoot any dog found in a field with stock - they do not have to be chasing.

All dogs thrive on a routine, and after he has had his exercise, you will be amazed at the amount of time that your greyhound spends sleeping. He may, occasionally, sleep with his eyes open, so try not to startle him and ensure that children know not to disturb him. It is yet another of the joys of having this type of dog to know that he is so easily satisfied.

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