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Caring - Collars


You will probably have purchased a smart, wide greyhound collar for your new dog - he will in any case need to have something on which to place his identification disc. But always remember that greyhounds can have muscular necks and comparatively small heads - and some of them are past masters at backing out through their collars. This may not be apparent for many weeks, but if it is going to happen, it will surely be in a moment of great excitement - (or a moment of panic for a very nervous dog) - when to have your dog loose places him or some other person or animal in grave danger.

When walking him, make sure that his collar is tight enough - or use a ‘combi’ collar, or a harness, until you know him well. 'Combi' collars are made of braid with a small adjustable chain link which, when properly adjusted, will tighten up and not slip over his head if he suddenly 'backs-out'. He should not wear one when unattended and because they are comparatively narrow, they should never be used with an extending lead; ‘take-off’ speed is such that they could cause serious injury to the neck. Metal check chains must never be used. If you are unable to purchase a 'combi' collar locally, contact Margaret Bowles (South Gloucestershire, UK - 01453 822977).

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