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About - About Greyhounds


One of the oldest breeds of dog, the greyhound has sadly fallen from its aristocratic connections to be the victim of callous exploitation, discarded on a whim. Companion of kings to unwanted outcast, his speed and working ability have been his downfall. There are many excellent owners and trainers who keep their retired dogs, but there are probably more greyhounds than any other single pure breed in dog pounds and rescue kennels throughout the country. This is because they are bred in their thousands for the chance of a few winners. Ultimately, many of them are losers - those who won't race, those who injure themselves in the process and those who race well, but eventually become too old to win.

Within the UK, Greyhound Rescue is organised as an informal association of local groups of varying sizes. These groups operate in different ways depending on the perceived need in their particular area. Despite the overwhelming need of help for ear marked ex-racing greyhounds, most local groups tend not to differentiate, recognising that 'a greyhound is a greyhound' whether tattooed or not. The surfeit of greyhounds is one of the factors accounting for the vast number of unwanted lurchers (greyhound crosses). Whenever possible, local Greyhound Rescue groups will take on some of these pathetically neglected dogs as well.

The following information may help you in reaching a decision which is so important, not only for you, but for the dog, out there somewhere, who may have a chance of life and happiness through you reaching that decision.

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