In every race there can be only one winner. Across the UK each year 1000's of greyhounds find themselves not winning races and therefore no longer wanted by the racing industry. Some are lucky enough to find their way into one of the many Greyhound Rescue groups around the country. 

Greyhound rescue and re-homing is not a single entity, but an array of small groups or individuals who ensure that as many as possible are adopted into forever homes. Greyhounds adapt very well to family life to become loving and gentle companions. 

There is no regulator or organisation that oversees the welfare of retired racers to ensure all are suitably re-homed. Figures vary on the number of greyhounds unaccounted for but all estimates are high. You might like to visit the Greyhound Action website which lobbies against the treatment of Greyhounds in a way that the public would not tolerate with any other breed of dog.